How To Care For Your Gold?

Undoubtedly, gold is the most precious metal most women own. It’s hard not to love gold when it’s so darn sparkly. But it also doesn’t take much time for the shine to fade—whether it is on you or just resting quietly in your jewelry box. Taking your gold jewels to the expert can make them shine again but it will put a hole in your pocket. So, follow these tips to keep your gold’s glory always in the shine.

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5 Best Tips to Care for Your Gold

1. Keep Your Gold Jewelry Properly

If you place gold jewelry on top of your dresser, you are merely inviting danger. This is where your jewelry gets scratches and is exposed to cosmetics and perfumes, which contain corrosive chemicals. The best spot to keep your jewelry is in an explicitly made box for placing adornments. These boxes have a special design to place your jewelry pieces separately, keeping them out of contact with each other. Invest in one and you will find your gold jewelry always in the shine.

2. Don’t Let Your Gold Jewelry Get Wet

The beauty of gold is derived from its color and shine, and if they tarnish even a little bit, it will not be the same shiny gold. Chemicals like oil, nail paint remover, and perfume are highly corrosive and may affect your gold jewelry aversely to the extent of discoloration. This applies to sweat so make sure you are not wearing gold adornments when you exercise or doing strenuous physical activities.

3. Clean Your Gold Jewelry Gently

Cleaning gold adornments with a cotton ball or an extremely delicate material will remove any residue and dust, and the glory of your gold may return. Delicately scrubbing the outside of your gold jewelry with a soft fabric will also re-appear shine. The best is a jewelry cloth that is specially made for gold jewelry.

4. Wear Your Gold Jewelry Last, Take Your Gold Jewelry Off First

A basic rule to adornments, especially gold jewelry, is to wear them last, to complete the general look, and take it off first when you’re putting on something else or hitting the showers. Lastly, while it seems more secure to sleep with your gold, but please let your gold sleep on its own during the night. A chain may break or a prong may get twisted.

5. Abstain From These Activities When You Have Gold Jewelry On

Try not to swim or shower while wearing gold adornments, and take off rings when washing your hands. Chlorine and saltwater can harm valuable metals and gemstones, making them dull or dissolving them. Gold and silver are also very reactive to chlorine, which usually harms or stains them. Soapy water when washing and showering can likewise leave a flimsy film, which causes the metal to appear to be dull. Also there are some very absorptive stones, which is the reason you shouldn’t leave these stones submerged in water for a long time. Fluids and oils can saturate the jewels through the little breaks between the gems, causing perpetual discoloration and harm.

In summary, wear your gold jewelry proudly but treat them as precious and fragile items and they will shine brightly for you in years to come.

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