Getting Started With Your Gold Jewellery Collection: Ultimate Guide

If you’re stepping into the world of gold jewellery for the first time or even if you’re a seasoned jewellery enthusiast, here’s your go-to guide on what to consider when choosing your gold pieces!


1. 916 vs. 999 Gold Jewellery: Decoding Purity

Gold’s timeless allure and its knack for retaining value are no secrets. Gold jewellery comes in different purity levels, with 999, 916, and 750 being common standards (Check out what the numbers mean). Pure gold (999) is soft to the touch and becomes harder as more alloys are added and the gold purity is reduced. 916 gold strikes a good balance between hardness and purity, and this is reflected in its popularity with gold jewellery.


2. Checking The Size: Because Fit Matters

For size-sensitive items like rings and bangles, fret not! Our product listings provide the internal diameter for each bangle size, and find your perfect ring size with the help of our ring size chart.

Most of Mistgold’s bracelets are equipped with extensions that cater to various lengths, therefore making them suitable for most people. It certainly makes it easier if you are buying it as a gift!

Bracelet with extension rings
Many of Mistgold’s bracelets have extension rings attached to the bracelet, making it suitable for most people of all sizes.

3. Caring For Your Jewellery: Keep it Shiny and Lovely

Worried about maintaining your gold jewellery’s sparkle? Don’t be! Keeping it shiny and lovely is a breeze with basic precautions and proper storage. Every purchase from Mistgold comes with a complimentary jewellery box that you can keep your items with, ensuring your gold jewellery stays in pristine condition. Find out more about caring for your gold jewellery.

Gold Jewellery In Jewellery Box
Complimentary jewellery box will be provided for every purchase of Mistgold’s jewellery



From understanding purity levels like 916 and 999 to ensuring the right fit with our size charts, we are here to make your journey into gold jewellery delightful and stress-free. Now that you know what to look out for, check out our latest released products!